okay i’m done

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Okies, I hate to call BS but that anon's "sister?" Dudes, if I found my sister on the floor like that, I would be in the ER with her, not Tumblr. I call BS.

yeah, i know but let’s not talk about this anymore okay? it’s over

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aos cast reunion at the guardians of the galaxy premiere (x)

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hanna marin + red.

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Hello, The anon that was talking to you earlier was my sister. Unfortunately no, this was not just a cry for attention. I came upstairs to find her passed out on the floor holding a bottle of vodka and when I went into her room there were around a dozen empty boxes and tubs of various pills. This site was open on her computer. She has been taken to hospital and the doctors are confident she will recover. Thank you for all the kind messages, I will try and keep you updated when I can.

OMFG thank you so much for come and talk to me, i was really worried. please keep me updated

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anon~ listen to me, okay? put down whatever you're doing and read. no matter how bad things get, it will get better. everyone thinks that when they're going through a bad period, it will never get better. but it does. there are positive things in life. seeing someone you love smile, facing your fears, making someone you love proud, finding that you were better at something than you originally thought. think about all the positives. talk to someone. just don't hurt yourself anymore.
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To the anon: please, just take a step back for a second and take a breath. Talk to us. I've been where you are, no it's not a nice place to be but if I made it through the other side, so can you. Please don't do this. xx
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Something tells me that anon may have been doing the cry for attention thing. At least, that's what I hope. And now that they've gotten the attention, they're off. Again, I HOPE that it was just a cry for attention.

i really don’t know, but if she did it for atention i’ll really be pissed because i’m SUPER WORRIED right now. let’s just hope she’s okay

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Babs. Maybe too obsessed with Chloe Bennet and TV Shows.

You're not in Wonderland anymore.
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